Desert Sheep

Desert SheepBTO hunts Desert bighorn sheep primarily in the San Juan South and San Juan Lockhart units. ┬áIf you do draw this tag it will likely be a once in a lifetime hunt. This hunt takes place in October and November in the most rugged and remote country in the west, and is not for the faint of heart. It is a physically and emotionally demanding hunt that requires extreme preparation. Most of this hunt will be spent hiking long distances to vantages and spending the majority of the daylight hours behind optics, good gear and optics are critical and as many sets of eyes looking, as resources will allow, will dramatically increase your odds. The San Juan unit holds average trophy potential, and will likely require a long shot to harvest your animal. We typically will be staying in camp trailers or tents for the hunt, travel will be by atv’s, trucks and boats to get to hunting areas then hike from there. Desert Bighorn is a once in a lifetime dream hunt and we would love for you to let us at BTO be a part of that experience.

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