BearSoutheast Utah has 2 of the best bear units in the state, in the San Juan, and Lasal units, the area produces an unusually high concentration of color phase bears ranging from blonde, to brown, to cinnamon. These are trophy bear units with most of the bears we harvest going between 19-21″. Come follow a well trained pack of hounds in some of the most beautiful and rugged country in Utah. Bear hunting with hounds is one of the most physically demanding and rewarding hunts we offer. We are often up at daylight driving around until the dogs “rig” or “strike” a bear track from the truck, the hounds are then released on the track and track their quarry until they either force it up a tree or bay it up on the ground. Sneaking in under twenty yards on a 350lb+ boar bayed up by a pack of hounds and harvesting it is as heart pounding as hunting dangerous game in Africa. These hunts take place in both the spring and fall and are by limited entry drawing. If resources allow Conservation permits are available by auction and are tax deductible.