General rules


  1. All hunters are asked to adhere to our rules and the regulations as explained in the annual Utah Big Game Proclamation.
  2. Law protects livestock on BTO leases. BTO or the landowners may file civil charges against anyone for harassing, shooting, or harming livestock.
  3. Hunters will adhere to all other ranch rules, where applicable as provided by BTO.
  4. Unguided hunters are required to check in and out with BTO staff or personnel prior to hunting or leaving the ranch.
  5. Hunters are allowed to shoot one and only one animal. Once you hit an animal, that’s your animal. Stalk your quarry and pick your shots carefully.
  6. Most other wildlife species on BTO leases are protected by Utah State law and require special licenses and fees of hunters. Hunting of any other species of wildlife on BTO leases shall occur only under the direction of BTO staff or personnel.
  7. While a field, all guided hunters must remain with their guide at all times unless instructed otherwise.
  8. All hunters will be required to certify their shooting ability prior to hunting with BTO. Hunters certify by placing 3 shots inside a 3.5-inch circle from a distance of 100 yards while being unassisted by any bench rest devices (shooting how you would shoot under real conditions is what we are looking for).
  9. Every effort will be taken to avoid hunting on Sundays.
  10. No alcoholic beverages are allowed while hunting with BTO.