Mountain LionThe Mountain Lion is one of the most elusive animals in the wild, and live in the most rugged country in the West. They are hunted exclusively with hounds, and are very nomadic with the mature Toms having a home range in excess of 100 sq miles. A typical day lion hunting (in the snow) starts well before daylight driving roads in trucks, atv’s and snowmobiles looking for tracks. Once a track is found the dogs are released on it and then we try to keep up with the dogs, by any means necessary until they tree or bay the lion up. If no snow is present we hike canyons with the dogs until they strike a track, then we hike with the dogs and help them if necessary. this requires hiking several miles a day and is physically very demanding. Although snow does increase our odds of finding and catching a lion our hounds do not require snow to hunt lion. If the whole hound experience, and not just the kill is what you are looking for I would actually recommend a dry ground lion hunt. This hunt is a harvest objective unit and tags are available over the counter until the quota fills up. Although it is legal to kill females this is a trophy Tom hunt.